Meanings the 12 Palaces of Polaris Astrology

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Life Palace

This is the most important palace among the 12 palaces. It represents a person's personality, psyche, and behavior. It also represents one's innate abilities, physical appearance.

Sibling Palace

Sibling palace represents the relationship between a person and his or her siblings. It also represents the number of siblings and the gender of siblings.

Spouse Palace

Spouse palace represents a person's love life, a person's relationship between his or her spouse. It also represent the physical appearance and personality of a person's spouse. It foretells if the person is going to have early marriage, late marriage, never married or in risk of divorce.

Children Palace

Children palace represents the gender of a person's children, the number of children, the personalities of children and the relationship between the children and the parents.

Wealth Palace

Wealth palace represents a person's wealth, poor or rich. How he or she feels about money, and how money is acquired.

Health Palace

Health Palace represents a person's health. What type of health problem he or she may have or at risk of.

Journey Palace

Journey palace represents the external relationship between a person and others, especially when a person is traveling or moving from places to palace.

Friend Palace

Friend Palace represents the relationship between a person and his or her friends. What type of friends dose a person have, good friends or bad friends. Friend palace is formerly called Servant palace. Today most people just call it friend palace.

Career Palace

Career Palace represents a person's career. What type of occupation a person has. Is he or she making money from his or her occupation. Dose a person feels good or bad about his or her occupation. How dose a person's life being affected by his or her occupation.

Estate Palace

Estate palace represents a person's possession, most importantly, the possession of real estate. Literally, in Chinese, the Estate palace is called farm and real estate palace

Pleasure Palace

Pleasure palace represents a person's interest and hobby. How a person spends his or her money. This palace is also very important, similar to the life, it is about a person's psyche and feelings.

Parent Palace (Physical Appearance Palace)

Parent Palace represents the relationship between a person and his or her parents including his or her employer or superior. In some branches of Polaris astrology, the Parent palace is also called the Physical appearance palace.

Body Palace

According to most of the Polaris astrology litterateurs, the Life palace is called "before heaven" it represents a person's innate abilities or personalities that he or she is born with. The Body palace is called "after heaven". It represents the abilities a person could acquire or achieve, if he or she worked hard enough. According to some astrologers, the importance of the Body palace is no less then the Life palace and the pleasure palace.

In addition, some astrologers believe that because the life palace is before heaven and the Body palace is after heaven, the Life palace represents the earlier part of a person's life which is before the age of forty. The Body Palace represents the later part of a person's life, after the age of forty. Therefore, when analyzing the earlier part of a person's life, The life palace should receive more focus then the Body palace. Vice versa for analyzing the later part of a person's life. This concept is only supported by a small group of astrologers, and I currently do not have enough statistic to confirm it.

Palaces that are Shared by the Body Palaces

Due to the rules on determining the Life palace and the body palace, the Body palace can only share its location with one of the following six palaces:

Possible Palaces Shared by The Body Palace
Life Palace Career Palace Wealth Palace Journey Palace Spouse Palace Pleasure Palace

Whichever palace the Body palace shears with, It is where one's energy is mostly focus on.

Body Palace and Life Palace Together
Indicates that a person is constantly focusing his energy on himself, have great fortitude and emotionally strong. However, this can sometimes means stubbornness.
Body Palace and Career Palace Together
Indicates career is everything, a person of such is constantly in pursuit of leadership and recognition for what he does.
Body Palace and Wealth Palace Together
Indicates nothing is more important than money. a person of such is very economical and never wastes money.
Body Palace and Journey Palace Together
A person of such loves to travel and doesn't like to stay at one place for long. His working environment is always changing.
Body Palace and Spouse Together
Because such person is constantly focusing his or her energy on spousal matters and family life, his or her emotion on such matters is highly sensitive. Thus, it can be interpreted as emotionally weak. Any minor wrong doings from the spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can hurt his or her feelings.
Body Palace and Pleasure Palace Together
Such person is constantly in pursuit of his hobbies and interest. He can be emotionally distressed if his occupation is not in the field of his interest.

*Please be advised that the above definitions are only general descriptions. Whether it is auspicious or inauspicious depends on stars in its palace, the opposite palace and companion palaces etc.

Major Fortune and Minor Fortune

While the 12 Palaces represent all the aspects of one's life, Major-fortune and Minor-fortune represent the fortunes or the happenings that had or will occur to a person during particular period of his or her life.

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