Tao Theory (The Real Meaning of Tao)

The True Meaning of the Tao and its relationship between Yin Yang and the Five Elements

In my opinion, the word Tao is the most overly philosophized word in the whole world. Its meaning is so abstract that sometimes even if you read a whole book on it, you still don't understand and confused about it. By knowing the true meaning of the Tao, one can answer the following questions:

  • What does a little girl and a flower both have in common?
  • What does a butterfly and a chair both have in common?
  • What does a goldfish and a basketball both have in common?
  • What dose all things in the universe has in common?

An Entity

An entity is an existence. Anything that exists is an entity such as a little girl, a butterfly and a goldfish. An entity can also be an abstract, such as a birthday party, a job or a journey.

The Tao of Existence

In order for an entity to exist, there must be a beginning, a point in time where an entity pops into existence. Assuming that nothing in the universe can exist forever, soon or later, as the entity grows and progresses, the entity dies and cease existing. The time or the path in between the beginning and the ending is called the Tao. Literally, the word "Tao 道 " in Chinese means the path or the road. In other words, the Tao is the path in between the beginning and the ending of an ever changing and ever progressing entity. This is why the book I-Ching is called the book of change. Life is ever changing. Life has a beginning and an ending. Life is a journey in the Tao. All things in the universe including a girl, a flower and a butterfly, has its beginning and it is traveling in a journey and progressing toward its purpose, its goal, or its ending.

Technically speaking, The Tao exist between two opposites. The beginning is the opposite of the ending. Since Yin is the opposite of Yang, we can say that the Tao exist in between Yin and Yang. Thus, the Tao is the path in between Yin and Yang. The Tao can not exist with without Yin and Yang.

The Tao
Beginning (Yang) The Tao (Path) Ending (Yin)

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