Property of Yin Yang

Yin is the opposite of Yang and Yang is the opposite of Yin

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Properties of Yin Yang
Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin
male female spring autumn *electron *proton summer winter
energy mass question answer small large robbing stealing
up down expose conceal light darkness give receive
dissipate condense awake sleeping hot cold injuries diseases
happiness sadness birth death out in go out return home
positive negative beginning ending vertical horizontal day night
fast slow *poor *wealthy good bad sun moon
*left *right growing deteriorating life death white black
*back *front moving stagnant *south *north *east *west
short long strengthen endurance lost found strong week
leader follower dry humid active passive attack defense

According to the property of Yin and Yang, things that are formless are positive (Yang) and things that are massive are negative (Yin). Therefore, if defined in terms of Yin and Yang, an electronic is positive and a proton is negative.

Poor is positive (Yang) and wealthy is negative (Yin) is because Yang dissipates and evaporates. It is becoming less and less; therefore, it is poor. Yin condenses and accumulates. It is becoming more and more; therefore, it is wealthy. (This is a very important concept when analyzing a person's wealth in Polaris astrology.)

Again according the property of Yin and Yang, the top is positive and the bottom is negative. Top is hot and bottom is cold. In the northern hemisphere, the sun tilts to the south. Therefore, the south is at the top and is hot, it is positive. North is cold, it is at the bottom and it is negative. Assuming south is at the top, then, the left hand side is east, the sun rises from the east (left hand side). Therefore, left hand is positive. The sun sets at the west (right hand side). Therefore, right hand is negative.

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